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Voting for Ron Paul? (Ron wrote the forward for Pieces of Eight by Dr. Vieira in 1983)

Worried about Alan, Ben, Dick, George and all the rest? CRA$HMAKER was written for you!

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CRA$HMAKER is a book of ideas, served up in thriller format. The story is right out of today's headlines.If you want a far reaching education on politics, law, ethics, morality, money, government, power, insider action, gold, market manipulation, the workings of the Fed, etc. etc. this is a book that will interest you. Follow some of the links below to see for yourself, or jump right into the indexes for some heavy lifting...

We hope that this index will be an aid for people who would like quick access to the ideas and subjects discussed in CRA$HMAKER, whether for study, review, discussion or research.

In the interests of clarity, there is a separate index for each volume. Other sections of this page include a disclaimer, a mini review and a short introduction to the index itself and web links.

This index has no connection to either the authors or publishers of CRA$HMAKER and is an independent production. They are not responsible for this index’s content or interpretation.

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