CRA$HMAKER, Who, What & Why?

CRA$HMAKER – Who, What & Why?

CRA$HMAKER is a work of fiction, but quite a bit more.

 Written in the style of an “Airport Thriller” or “Beach Book” page-turner, CRA$HMAKER is, at its heart, a novel of ideas, one that covers a stunningly broad array of subjects from law, the Constitution, the Federal Reserve System, money, banking, politics, ethics, morality, democracy, socialism, fascism, globalism, history, legislation, corruption, crime, taxation, inflation and, ultimately the rejuvenation of the United States of America.

And that’s just for starters.

Written by expert co-authors (a legendary Wall Street trader and a renowned Constitutional and monetary scholar who is also a Supreme Court attorney) CRA$HMAKER examines its ideas and issues with concise intelligence and a broad perspective. The pace is fast, and the arguments, pro and con, on a wide range of topics, each with front-page relevance for today’s reader, come fast and furiously. Passion, intelligence and brilliance are its hallmarks.

The book is intended to educate as well as entertain, and it fulfills both tasks admirably. With density and scope (two volumes, 1574 pages in a series of short well-titled chapters) CRA$HMAKER leads its readers through a labyrinth of law, politics, finance, social commentary and intrigue that is both mind-expanding in its breadth, and brilliantly succinct in its exposition.

Coverage of these ideas is far from shallow; readers come away with a working knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, but the true value of CRA$HMAKER is that it provides both the groundwork and the strategic outlook for further study and research.

Given this book’s broad range of subject matter and its high informational content, CRA$HMAKER really cries out for an index, so that readers can return to specific subjects, information, or arguments with minimal page turning and frustration.

Thus it is hoped that this index (flawed and incomplete as it may be) can be of service as a navigation tool for readers who wish to mine the rich lode of intellectual fodder that is locked within CRA$HMAKER’S pages, and to use it as a jumping off point for further research, study or edification.