Pieces Of Eight By Edwin Vieira

The most complete History of the US Dollar
and our monetary system available!
Interview with Edwin Vieira Jr.

Edwin Vieira Jr. is a noted authority on the US Constitution and US Monetary law and history as well as as an attorney at the Supreme Court Bar.

He is the author of Pieces of Eight, which has been called the most complete study of US constitutional monetary law and the constitutional dollar available. The work had its genesis with Ron Paul and the Gold Commission of 1982.

Vieira is also co-author of the errily prescient Cra$hmaker a novel of ideas that examines present day US society through the lens of a crisis that is uncomfortably similar to todays headline news

We spoke with Dr. Vieira recently, the interview files are linked below by subject matter. You'll find he doesn't pull any punches in his analysis of the body politic; he's an impassioned as well as effective speaker.

His ability to follow chains of legal reasoning out to their ultimate conclusions with precision and clarity is always enlightening, and often chilling.

  About Cra$hMaker: 14:07 - The author shares some of the how and why of the cult classic Cra$hMaker.  

North American Union and the Amero - 16:23
Globalist plans to unite the US Canada and Mexico. Sovereignity, bureaucrats, a falling dollar and illegal immigration all play their part!

  The Wave has been Waiting for the Surfer 14:13
Dr. Vieira has known Dr. Ron Paul since the 1980's. Here, he offers some views on the man, his candidacy and some of the hurdles he faces

Power in America: 14:42 - What are the basic power mechanisms of the US legal, monetary, financial and political system? How can they be used and misused?

  After the Fed: 13:40 - A look at some of the legal, economic and social problems involved in re-establishing sound money and constitutional government.  

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