Putting Your Money to Work

Investment is the art of putting one's money to work in hope of a higher return. Both housing and the stock market have been touted as avenues of success for mom and pop investors but the Dot Com bust and falling home prices have left many fingers burned in the recent past.

Interest from a bank is said to be safer, but the rate of return is lower. Only a few years ago rates were near the 1% mark. Current interest rates don't keep pace with inflation and aren't expected to rise soon.

Playing various markets can net more but the risks are higher too, with the prospect of losses ever present (note:written pre 2008-9). Here a return of 5-9% for a years dabbling would be quite respectable.

If you want to really rake it in there's only one way to go: invest in a Congressman!

Peanut growers are said to have given Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) the sum of 33,750 dollars this year. In return, tacked onto the already huge costs of the ill-concieved war against Iraq he awarded them $74 million dollars for peanut storage. (Hey, peanut storage is important!!!).

Their rate of return? A whopping 2,192%. That's a return of 182% PER MONTH!

Or how about the beleaguered spinach growers of California? In return for a mere $30,600 contribution to Rep. Sam Farr (D. Calif) they were able to garner a 25 million dollar handout to sooth their E Coli ruffled feathers.

Their rate of return was only a measly 817%, but it's still nice work if you can get it.

The real champs are the milk producers of Wisconsin who gave House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey (D. Wisc.) $113,000 total since 1989. This averages out to $6277 per year, mere chump change compared to the gentlemen mentioned above. However, the chump can deliver!

In return, THIS YEAR ALONE, they netted 252 million dollars of your tax money.

Forget house flipping, your IRA, or hot stock tips. If you've got the clout, and some spare cash to burn, Washington DC is the place to go.

You'll be glad you did.