The 400 Club

Lavender Hollow 2015?


These pages offer residents of San Juan County an alternative viewpoint on the question of growth. They raise important issues that have been ignored and otherwise not considered.

Unlike the Friends of the San Juans and the Smart Growth folks, we offer no glib or instant answers to what is a complex and difficult problem.

Proponents of Smart Growth have presented only one side of the story and have purposely avoided discussing any of the obvious consequences that come from implementing a sustained assault on property rights and individual choice; these are the most basic building blocks of the rule of law and economic health.

Friends and their allies paint a rosy picture of the future they hope to create, but a realisitic look at that plan and what has happened in other communities suggests that all may not not be well in the planned utopia that awaits us...

see also: Change & Preservation in the SJ Islands