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Freeman Dyson says "No"
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Most Swiss October Snow ever

Snow job for climate Bill in London

Arctic Ice back in Force

Won't Burning Heretics add to Global Warming?

Beetles may Affect Climate

Welcome to
the Ice Age

A Year of Global Cooling

Global Chill
Worst Shark
Season Ever

Magma Melts Greenland

The "Futile Fight" Letter

Signed by... (Freeman Dyson and others- listed here)

Magma melt for Greenland Ice

New Data-What warming?

Green hypocracy

Hummer or Prius?

Going to Greenland

Explaining Global Warming

The great Biofuel fraud

Greenland Melting?

Senators fly to Greenland

Another Look at "Food Miles"
(and cow farts!)

Al Won't Put $ Where Mouth Is

Live Aid Hypocrisy

How much CO2 in our atmosphere?
Try 4/100ths of one percent!!!
If you are concerned about the
Greehouse effect water vapor
is the main culprit and will remain so!

Hot News From Greenland- Again!

Economics and Environmentalism

Tornado Collection

Flash Flood

Extreme Storms Site

What is Environmentalism?



Clouds in Infrared


Beautiful Weather

Sunrise Time Lapse
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Storm on Tahoe

Storm Progression


From Good Weather
to Lightning


Eastsound Weather

Ferry Weather

Eastsound Wunderground

KING 5 Weather


Canadian Weather Net



Extreme Storm

What's the Weather Like
Where You Live

Research Paper Presented to The Air Force

Intro to Weather


NBC: Weather Control is Real

West Coast Storm Damage

flash flood
Manchester Tornado

Stanley Park BC
Storm Damage

storm surge
Storm Surge

Flash Flooding
















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Nat. Hurricane Ctr

Inside a Tornado

Carnicom: What Ever Happened to Blue Sky?

English Flooding

Military vs Climate Security

Owning the Weather

Who Causes
Extreme Weather?

Angels Don't Play
This Haarp






























Climate Change?

CA Schools Science
& UN Climate Tax

Fire or Ice? Jim can't decide

Reply to Gore

More Skeptical Scientists

Climate change, solar driven?

Climate change chaos? Maybe not!
Climate change Chaos pt 2
CO2 Science
co2 Dogma

A scientific basis for skepticism (series)
Climate model fails for Antarctica

Heat & The Bottomless Well (two books, two viewpoints)

Big Al's D and also

Warming or Cooling?

John Daly's pages

Carbon Offsets are Medieval Indulgences

Flawed Ice core carbon data

Some (other) Inconvenient Truths

Palm oil problems

Ethanol, U can eat or drive!

Mr. Gore, Cool the hype - (NYTimes)

Warming as political myth

Debate: Warming as crisis?

Special Treatment for Al Gore?
(with links)

Warming to weaken Hurricanes?

Humans not to blame

Fix it or Break it?

Do the Math!

Carbon Offset Fraud

More Solar Evidence

Mars Warming

CFL= Mercury poison

Flakey CFL's

World Climate Report


About Peer Review & Consensus

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The Skeptic Corner Grows...

A Joke in 5 Years?

A Variety of IPPC Lies

"I was on the GW Gravy Train"

No Consensus