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Welcome to the Chicken Talk page, and thanks for the fan mail. (yes, we actually get some!). With any luck, Murray says that Chicken Talk will run about 14 shows, everything from chicken economics to training guard roosters for the home.

Asked about his thing for Gallinaceous fowl, Murray could only say, "Chickens are interesting, but the way people act towards them is even more fascinating."

Remember, if you don't have chickens yourself, you're missing out on most the real fun and all the best eggs. What are you waiting for?

We'll try to post some good chicken links here for fans in the near future...

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Pak Man -Pak man 2 -(Shamo)
Puffy (Maran)

Chicken Scratch
Rigorous Roosters & Boot Camp Birds
Baby Chicks
Egyptian Fayoumis

Chicken Bones
Britany- one sick chick





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Black Star
Dark Cornish
Old English Game
Salmon Faverolle
Silver grey Dorkings